Google Adwords

If you think managing Google AdWords is all about pay per click, then you definitely need help with marketing your website (or marketing your business for that matter). Google AdWords is all about keywords, being on top of the search engine list and getting Google’s top advertising spot.

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is just one of the great drivers of acquiring instant traffic for websites as it helps put you on top of search engines. Did you know that competition for top keywords of searches has made PPC an even more significant strategy for any online marketing campaign? However, it only works if you know how to handle it and there are a lot of variables to be considered in an effective PPC marketing campaign.


If you are still having doubts if users really click on the ads and if PPC advertising really works, try searching for a business yourself and you will find yourself clicking on that ad in the upper right hand corner. Why? Because it’s on a prime spot! Once you click on that ad,that business earns an agreed bid from Google and you are ushered into his business website in just one click.

There is a huge (and we’re talking monetary here) difference unlike when you’re using your email newsletters, banner ads and traditional internet marketing such as commenting on forums or ‘spying’ on other websites. Google AdWords also allows you to do the following:

  • measure how much your products and services are getting the exposure that your business needs
  • acquire direct inquiries from a contact form
  • track the number of call you get from your campaign

Google AdWords Management is no easy task. That is why there are experts who can help you start the money rolling. As a certified Google Adwords Qualified Company and a Google badge partner, JR Marketing Group is a leading expert in pay per click marketing in the Google environment. If you are willing to pay for online presence and effective advertising,you will definitely get an enormous return of investment with our comprehensive and risk-free Google AdWords Management Services. With our Google AdWords Management Services, you can begin to reap the rewards from your website and collect as much information you will need to improve your business. On top of our regular Google AdWords Management Services, we will also provide you with a custom designed analysis to ensure that you continue to receive the best possible results.

Our approach

  • Design a campaign or strategy specific to your business
  • Work with an expert strategist from our team who will give you hands-on and focused management of your campaign
  • You receive a monthly report on your campaign’s success
  • Provide a one-on-one meeting to explain the report and progress of your campaign,suggest direction and answer further questions you may have

So, what are you waiting for? Start reaping and let us help you set it up and get the most out of your site. For more information on how much a managed Google Adwords campaign can do to your business, contact us now on Contact Details