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E-Commerce Online Marketing

E-Commerce Website Design

A good website design is a must for e-commerce businesses. The website is the lifeline of the whole brand. If the web design is not appealing or is hard to use, current customers will find other businesses to transact. Web Design must be easy to use and not boring at the same time. We offer Website Design packages that are tailored for e-commerce businesses. Our packages are guaranteed easy to use and are modern-looking. Our expert team will also handle customizations when needed.

E-Commerce SEO

Ranking higher in the search results is also a must for e-commerce businesses. The more traffic the website accumulates, the more prospective customers for the brand. This is where SEO or Search Engine Optimization is considered to be a great boost. SEO helps your site rank higher in search engine results. JR Marketing offers services that assist your site in ranking higher using organic methods. We do not use spam bots and other unhealthy means. The optimisation is organic and effective.

E-Commerce PPC

PPC or Pay-per-click is an excellent method for spreading your brand influence to more people. This method displays ads on other websites through Google AdWords and Bing Ads. With this, even the people who search for something else can see your brand and become a prospective customer. We offer PPC services that help your website to earn traffic from other sites. Your e-commerce business will gain more traffic and more views, creating a buzz for your products.

E-Commerce Social Media Marketing

Almost everyone is on Social Media platforms these days. Because of this, advertising online is one of the greatest boosts for an e-commerce business. We offer Social Media marketing services that will help your brand reach more people that might need your products and services.