7 Technologies Which May Change the Way We Market Online

by | Apr 18, 2016 | News

It is a fact that advances in technology has a tremendous impact on how online marketing works for businesses. The shift from traditional advertising in print and TV towards apps and smartphones put marketers on pressure in establishing diligent skills in the digital field to effectively communicate with their prospective customers.

Make sure to use the following technologies properly for your efficient marketing online.


Virtual reality (VR) generates a digital reality for those who are willing to take part in online marketing. Take note that messages and advertisements tend to occupy an alluring realm in the industry, while virtual shopping could be reimagined with the capabilities of VR.


Machine learning algorithm strengthens marketing campaigns made online. It serves as a tool used by marketers in segmenting customers, forecasting customer lifetime value, personalising messages and predicting churns. It can also be an opportunity for new developments to increase the pace and complicate future technological developments.


Marketers tend to race in developing new augmented reality (AR) apps, make use of the existing AR apps and games, and look for new ways for audience engagement by bridging the gap between virtual and physical worlds.


AI systems are considered in business as a dependable approach in searching information and executing functions for virtual users. These systems are used by businesses in interacting with their customers.


In the world of business, big data plays a vital role as it provides access to consumer information, giving insights on consumer behaviour. Such information is imperative in making marketing campaigns much better. This data then should be simplified and automatically interpreted through visualization.


The technology called the Internet of Things is a tool that provides convenience to consumers who want to manage their devices in a single location, which could also be significant to marketers attempting to interact with their customers.


Surveys show an increase in the technology of marketing automation, which includes platforms that enable social media post scheduling and syndication and software programs that could write raw content.

These favourable technologies are imperative in developing and refining strategies for online marketing. Keep in mind that the applicability and efficiency of these technologies can vary from one business to another as some of them may provide marketers with new opportunities, while others may only complicate the process. What matters here then is for marketers to choose the best for their marketing campaign.