Medical Online Marketing

Medical Website Design

Seeking medical help is now common through online means. Everyone can schedule appointments with their doctors online. There are even medical sites that let you find a specialist based on your health needs. We offer website templates that cover health services online. These services could either be making an appointment, finding a doctor, contacting a clinic or a hospital, the list goes on! Whether you’re a small clinic or a big hospital, we have packages that are right for you.

Medical SEO

When your hospital or clinic specialises in a certain treatment or surgery, people will often find your place. Truth be told, looking for hospitals that specialise in a unique treatment etc is hard to find. People either know your services through first-hand account or referrals. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a strategy that might help those people who need your help find you. Through years of testing and researching, our company has come up with clever methods that help in making your site rank higher on search engine results.

Medical PPC

According to Patrick Stevenson from HelloHealth, “PPC is critical in gaining more exposure. It generates more potential customers each and every month, an allows us to tell our unique story on our landing pages tied to the keywords we’re bidding on”. This is the reason why we’re offering a Pay-per-click or PPC advertisement plan that aims to promote your medical services via making other sites show them to its viewers. PPC is a cheap yet effective way of maximizing your investments.

Medical Social Media Marketing

Nothing beats the tale of your first-hand customers telling their friends and family how good your medical services are. Where could these friends and family spend their free time? Of course, social media sites. We offer social media marketing strategies that aim to expand the exposure of your brand, just like this valuable word of mouth. When done right, social media marketing is one of the biggest boosts a business can get from the Internet.