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The Importance of Facebook Ads and Targeting To Improve Your Business Reach

by | Jan 28, 2022 | News

Facebook ads are the most effective social media tool for businesses to increase their brand’s exposure, gain new leads and connect with their target market.

Most people already have a Facebook profile, which makes it an ideal platform for your business to engage with potential customers. You can display ads on their newsfeed, timeline, or the right-hand side of their Facebook page.

Investing in Facebook ads can benefit your business in many ways. Here are three ways it may improve your business.

You Can Micro-target Your Exact Audiences


One of the most powerful features of Facebook Ads is that you can specifically target audiences based on their age, sex, and location, depending on your marketing strategies.

Using the Facebook ad planner, you can narrow your target market down to a specific age group, including over 50-year-olds or people under 30.

You can choose whether you want men or women and even specify if you want people in a certain location — perfect for local businesses.

You Set Your Own Budget and Advert Duration


With Facebook ads, you can determine the maximum sum of money you want to spend and how long your ad will be live for — all based on your own budget. You can also choose how many times you want your ad to appear in the news feeds of various users.


This allows you to spread your money out evenly and get the most value for each Facebook advert you send out. You could set a daily limit or weekly capacity, and Facebook will automatically stop uploading ads once your budget runs out.

You Can Use Facebook Ads Remarketing


One of the most successful types of Facebook Ads is a remarketing ad. This enables you to retarget people who have visited your website in the past and want to continue marketing to them on Facebook.


You can set up a custom audience by using an email list or creating a pixel on your website or blog. You can then use the targeted options to create a remarketing ad that will appear on the side of your target market’s Facebook page and in their newsfeed.


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