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The SEO Strategy

by | Mar 25, 2022 | News

Our SEO Strategy


We will have a call which will help us determine what products and services you offer on a deeper level than what we understand right now. Gaining valuable insight into your target market – who your ideal client is, we will research and investigate the best possible solutions for your business. We will dive right into your short and long-term objectives and goals, ensuring we are both on the same page.

We’ll then go away and produce an action list – what needs to happen and when it will happen.


We will gather all of your information – your Google accounts, your login credentials and invoicing details and then, of course, start getting Google to notice your website.

Our job initially will be to begin fixing issues, both on-site and off,  to initially get you just ranked for something so you can start to see some results coming in.

More often than not, this will take some time for the SEO ball to get rolling, with Google being unpredictable. It’s not instant by any means, but it’s this unique method is the closest you can get to it in the SEO game. We believe that it is important to understand that SEO is a time investment a minimum 3-month commitment to SEO should be expected to produce quality results.


Keyword research is the blueprint for your online marketing efforts, driving every decision you make.

It makes everything down the line more efficient.

We will identify keyword combinations that your target market is likely to search for and we build your onsite and off-site SEO strategies around this to put your website front and centre.

Now, this isn’t easy or quick but our goal is creating a foundation that we will grow from that gives you the highest chance in giving you that extra boost in leads, that will go a long way to funding the effort to taking over your local industry online.


We will continue to monitor changes to your keywords over time. This gives us the most reliable data and lets us track the effectiveness of our SEO strategies. We do this because no two business are the same and SEO is not a set and forget process.

We will tweak and adjust our strategies to improve your online presence. As Google’s search engines change, so will we, so you can be guaranteed our team will keep your online assets up to date.

Continuing to see results

Over the duration of the campaign, we expect our SEO strategies will be starting to produce your business organic and successful results.

We expect the remainder of your lower-ranking keywords to gain higher ranking positions and we would expect to see a continual increase in organic traffic to your website.

With the increase in results, we will continue to optimise and re-evaluate our strategies to continue to grow and solidify your online presence.