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How to Use Brand Colours to Support an Idea/Message

by | Apr 1, 2022 | Uncategorized

How to Use Brand Colours to Support an Idea/Message

Your business’s brand colours can impact how people perceive your business and its vision and mission. This is because colour psychology elicits certain feelings and emotions, drawing attention to your brand and, eventually, influencing customers’ purchasing decisions.

So, as a marketer, how can you leverage a brand colour scheme to boost brand recognition and sales while supporting your grander vision?

Here, we examine how to use brand colours to enhance your brand identity across all marketing campaigns.

The Use of Brand Colours to Support Your Brand and Business

There are two overall colour palettes – cool colours and warm colours. These categories elicit feelings of energy and calmness, respectively.

Here are some popular brand colours and what they can do for your brand:

  • Black is for classic, sophisticated, elite, and luxurious brands
  • White is a neutral colour representing cleanliness and simplicity
  • Blue elicits trust and is the go-to for brands that need people to have confidence in
  • Brown represents earthly simplicity
  • Green says safety and freshness, conveying health, wealth, and peace
  • Purple is spiritual and mysterious, conveying sophistication and dignity
  • Red evokes excitement, energy, and aggression
  • Yellow gives people happiness and positivity, perfect for brands that need to convey creativity

How you use the colours also affects how people perceive your brand. For example, analogous colours: two neighbouring colours on the colour wheel and a tertiary colour create a rich and monochromatic look.

Also, a complementary colour scheme (opposite colour shades on the colour wheel) is striking and attention-grabbing, while accent colours as a background colour help draw attention to the main logo colours.

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