WordPress VS Wix

by | Jul 1, 2022 | News

What’s the difference between Wix & WordPress?

WordPress and Wix are arguably the most used website builders today, and for good reason! Website building has never been so customizable and user-friendly thanks to these platforms, but what’s the difference between the two?

The biggest difference between Wix and WordPress is the size of the website you can build on these platforms. Although Wix is very user-friendly and doesn’t require much technical expertise, it’s not ideal as a large website builder as it doesn’t have the same capabilities as WordPress. This means Wix websites can be slowed down easily by adding one too many pages. WordPress is undoubtedly superior when it comes to larger website builds, but can take more technical experience to navigate. Here at JR Marketing Group, we use the WordPress builder.

This blog will delve into the pros and cons of each platform regarding pricing, usability, and security


For many people, a good price for a website build and maintenance is essential. When comparing the pricing of these platforms, something to keep in mind is what is going to suit you and your business best.

Overall, Wix is generally the cheaper option. Although they are both free platforms, Wix’s free basic builder provides hosting and domain for you, whereas, WordPress is an open-sourced platform, meaning you need to pay for your own hosting and domain.

Although Wix can be cheaper, there are flaws that some users feel are dealbreakers like the Wix branding not being removable from the site. As well as that, you cannot create your own domain name without having the word ‘Wix’ in it. In these regards, WordPress does offer much more flexibility, including the ability to obtain useful plugins and additions like SEO, Google Analytics, and E-commerce.


Both Wix and WordPress are incredibly user-friendly when it comes to website building. Although Wix websites require much less technical knowledge to create and edit, they do not allow for as much customization and lack the capabilities that WordPress can provide.

When it comes to professional websites that require multiple plugins, extensions and additions WordPress is your go-to. Also, for professional SEO purposes, WordPress is the most advanced option. If you are simply looking for a beginners, easy-to-use website that doesn’t need a lot of advancements then Wix could be right for you.


A huge part of the website build is security, keeping your website away from hackers is a must. Wix and WordPress handle their website security completely differently. On one hand, Wix provides its own security as it is a closed system, whereas, WordPress allows you to choose your own security provider. Depending on what suits you best, either of these options could be a pro or con.

With WordPress allowing you to choose your own security platform, you have the ability to make your website as secure as possible. This can be extremely beneficial for those that would rather take security matters into their own hands, although if security is something you don’t want to deal with, Wix may be your go-to.


To summarise, there are so many pros and cons to both WordPress and Wix platforms and at the end of the day, it will depend on what you need your website builder to provide as to which one you choose.

If you are looking for a small and simple, easy-to-use platform, Wix may be the way to go for you. But if you are needing a professional platform with potential for growth and more capabilities, WordPress is your best choice.

If you need some helpful advice on your website build and the best options for you reach out to us at JR Marketing Group on 1300 334 590 or info@jrmg.com.au and our friendly team will happily assist!