10 Benefits of Using WordPress

by | Jul 8, 2022 | News

10 Benefits of Using WordPress

WordPress started as a blogging platform, but today it is much more. It is one of the most popular and fully developed CMS or Content Management Systems. There are numerous benefits of using WordPress for your business page or a personal blog, and in this post, we’ll share the ten most important ones.

Why Consider WordPress for Your Next Website or Blog: The Main Benefits of Using WordPress

From building a personal blog to a standard website, e-commerce site, social networking website, and anything in between–WordPress is the right platform to do it.

1. Search Engine Optimisation

Although WordPress is not innately SEO-friendly, there are quick ways to fix that. On the WordPress platform, you can find many SEO extensions, tools, and plugins that will make SEO a piece of cake.

2. Ease of Use

Even if you are a beginner and unfamiliar with CMS, you can create your own professional WordPress site. WordPress is easier to use than other competing platforms.

3. Quick Installation

Most hosting providers offer a one-click installation of the WordPress platform. You don’t need to download installation files or FTP servers to open and upload the files.

4. Security

Although no platform is free from cyber attacks, WordPress is relatively secure. Compared to other website management systems, WordPress has a reputation for being safe and secure to use. You can also add plugins to increase the security of your professional web store or blog.

5. Strong Community

One of the most helpful benefits of using WordPress is the strong support community. More than 25% of websites in the world use WordPress; therefore, it has a large community where you can find answers, solutions, and options. Whatever question you have, you can count on the WordPress community to help.

6. Broad Selection of Plugins

With WordPress, thousands of plugins help you customise your website, track metrics, or turn your business page into an online store. You can also use plugins to help you do a podcast, add videos, or integrate with social media.

7. Constant Updates

Another thing users love about WordPress is that it constantly receives improvements in terms of design, security, and functionality.

8. Theme Customisation

Every business deserves to have a unique site, and WordPress offers plenty of options for personalisation. Besides the plugins and apps that make your website unique, there are thousands of WordPress themes to choose from to get the site look you want.

9. Speed

Although WordPress is not the fastest platform in the industry, it is less bulky than competitive platforms. However, it’s best to ensure you don’t have any design elements or files slowing your site down.

10. Responsive

WordPress is your best choice if you want your new site to adjust to desktop computers, tablets, and phones automatically.

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