12 Marketing Tips Every Business Owner NEEDS to Know for 2019!

by | Dec 17, 2018 | News

As we are in the midst of the festive season & fast approaching the 2019 New Year, it’s time to seriously think about what tactics you are going to be using in 2019 to attract and maintain your all-important customers. To help you prepare, we are here to gift you 12 Marketing Tips you & your business will need to know to go into the New Year.

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No. 1 – Know Your Audience

Imagine you are an archer trying to hit a target (come on, are you visualising?). It makes it a lot easier when you can see and know what you are aiming at. Marketing is the exact same, it makes it so much easier when you know who you are targeting.

Work out who your ideal customers are for your products or services and make sure your marketing is targeted at them. Are you using the right marketing channels and the right media to reach them? More often than not, it is much easy to market once you have your audience personas nailed down. Grandparents? Try print & TV. Millennials? You cannot go past the social platforms.

No. 2 – Post Regularly

This one is for social media & your website’s blog! Too many people stop posting on social media or stop writing & publishing blogs as they feel they people aren’t interacting or reading it. This should never be your main focus. Your content marketing goal should always be consistently providing quality content to your audience big or small!

Publishing regular online content is proven to increase your brand’s value, as well as, to build trust in your business without you even realising – creating brand equity. Just keep posting consistently and you will see the results.

No. 3 – Talk to Your Customers

It’s a simple, yet crucial aspect to not only your customer service but also your marketing strategy – just talk to your customers. Too many people write in there own voice and language, without considering who their target audience is. Once you have decided who your ideal customers are, consider how they speak and think. You must discover & develop your business’s unique brand voice – stand out & not be afraid of differentiating yourself from the crowd.

Using language and Messengers that speak to your audiences is a place to start. Also, don’t forget about handy emojis to personalise and personify your brand’s messages 🙂

No. 4 – Use Call to Actions

Most websites have them (& if you don’t what are you doing?), but are you making sure they are functioning and user-friendly? Your call to actions must be clear and obvious, so your user (AKA your potential customer) can take that next step easier.

On social media call to actions are just as important. On posts that you are wanting to convert, there should always be a next step to be taken – a link to your website, which conveniently has called to action buttons leading to the contact us page? Just a little forethought when it comes to the user experience can go a long way!

No. 5 – Use Facebook Events

Have an event coming up? Maybe a massive sale? A Facebook Event allows you to speak, connect and engage with a large audience all at once.

You can even use it for live, online and recorded events to connect with a wide audience instead of having to do one on one consults – saving time & money.

No. 6 -Videos, Lives, & Stories!

All social media have new functionality they add over time. These are always favoured by the social media platform as its what they are investing in.

Instagram is rapidly favouring long-form video with the introduction of stories aligning with Snapchat, as well as, their IGTV feature & live video. Facebook is the same – video, live video & their latest stories feature are becoming features that cannot be snoozed on. YouTube also holds a larger market share within this space, particularly for Millenials & brands are flocking to it to reach this demographic.

Start using these to connect to more people. Most platforms are working towards ways to connect more regularly with people – so get to using these to make your audience feel a part of your business journey.

No. 7 – Local Business? Make Sure Your on Google Maps

In over 30% of Google searches, Google shows the local map. Consumers generally feel connected to these as they are intuitive, occupy a good amount of the page and also have details like reviews & opening hours. Google Maps listings also allow the user to quickly retrieve information, without finding your website.

If you have a local business and don’t have a maps listing, go to business.google.com and set one up.

No. 8 – Your Website Must be Mobile Friendly

With over 50% of website traffic coming from mobile devices, it is more important than ever to be ensuring sure your website is mobile friendly.

Testing your website on mobile devices regularly will assist in detecting issues. Mobile call to actions to click to make a phone call and to book online are essential to any mobile friendly site.

No. 9 – Use Real Photos & Videos

Using real photos of your staff, premises, products and service is an easy way to build trust with your audience. People feel connected when there are real images rather than stock images. You can personify your brand easily by showing who you are, where you work & what goes on behind the scenes!

Videos are also a great way to connect as well – but, don’t overproduce and keep them real.

No. 10 – Niche Out!

*Newsflash* Not everyone has to be your customer. Don’t be afraid to niche down and targeted a segmented audience! You can then speak to that niche in a meaningful and strategic manner, connecting more deeply. Showing examples of your work in that niche, as well as, testimonials from that niche.

No. 11 – Use Influencers

If you don’t have an audience, look for people who do. If you have decided on a niche to target, look for ways to work for people who are already connected to your potential customers.

Influencers in your audience’s industry could simply be notable business owners & social media influencers that are connected to your audience – particularly if you are aiming at young consumers. People often trust you more when you are mentioned by influencers they follow and trust.

No. 12 – Track & Test!

What’s the point in investing in marketing efforts if you don’t know what’s happening or if it is even achieving your goals? One of the major keys to marketing is the effective tracking of your results. You must make sure you track as much as possible & test! Testing can dramatically improve and allow for more understanding of what does & doesn’t work. If you are advertising or content marketing on social media, Facebook & Instagram have excellent analytics built in to assist you to understand your effectiveness. Google Analytics & Facebook pixels are other essential tools to be used to track and test your digital marketing efforts.

The more data you have, the better the campaigns you can create

From the JR Marketing Group team, we hope you all have a very, Merry Christmas & have a Happy New Year! —