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5 Things Your Website Homepage Should Have

by | Jan 28, 2022 | News

A website’s homepage is what users see when they open the site in their web browser. If this page is not properly constructed, it will deter users from exploring any further, which could lead to less business for your company. Here are five important things every web page should have.

1.) A Website’s Purpose/Message

Every site has a purpose or message, and it should be evident on the homepage. Users should know what your page is about when visiting, usually by reading one sentence of text at the top of the screen.

This lets them know how to interact with your company instead of wasting their time on a site that doesn’t provide what they are looking for.

2.) Easy Navigation Menus

Navigation menus contain links to all other parts of your website. Sometimes websites neglect this initial step, and users have no idea how to navigate the site’s different pages.

The web design of the home page should allow the menu to be easily seen and understood for a good user experience.

3.) Company Information

It is important for people visiting your company’s website to know who you are. This allows them to feel more comfortable when making a purchase or working with your business in one capacity or another.

The company’s name, logo, motto, and phone number should be easy to locate on the home page. You want people to be able to find out everything that they need right away.

4.) Testimonials/Reviews

Every good company has reviews and user social proof written about them. These reviews let potential customers know what other people think of your business, and this provides a platform for you to advertise yourself.

These reviews should be present on the home page to convince more people to use your products or services.

5.) A Call-to-Action

This is a must for any and every mobile marketing campaign. A call-to-action should appear on your homepage to get more people to take the desired action.

Suggestions for this might be “Learn More,” “Register Now,” or something else that applies directly to what you are offering.

Many important things could be on your homepage, but this list includes the most crucial. If you are looking to improve your website, give JR Marketing Group a call on how we can help you today.