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Dental Google Ads

Dental Google Ads

Your potential patient is searching for their new trusted dental clinic and yours pops up straight away, what a dream! At JR Marketing Group, we offer Google Ads services that can allow just that. It can be done as an individual Dental online marketing servivce or an addition to services like SEO Or social media. With successful campaigns, complete with all the necessary ingredients including, but not limited to, keyword research, bidding and creative optimisation, reporting and monitoring analysis and all the other technical requirements that are best explained by our experts, we can help you be that first clinic that they see.

We produce exceptional results for your business so you can take care of other matters. You may choose to work with us and be involved all throughout the development or you may choose to leave it on cruise control and we’ll take care of the rest. Either way, you are assured of high-quality results once we’re done. Our industry knowledge and expertise of Google Ads lead generation brings you unequalled service and successful campaigns to have your appointment books filled.

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If we haven't convinced you yet, maybe a few words from our clients will!

If you want to increase your Search Engine Optimisation you couldn’t be faulted for thinking it’s a minefield and not knowing who is legit and who isn’t. I’ve used JR Marketing Group and they have been great. I have known Josh for quite a few years and can highly recommend his services. So if you need a better google ranking get in touch with him.

Matthew Moate

Thanks heaps to Josh and the team for their help with the new Deaf Poker Australia website. They did a fantastic job, with the layout of the new site and have provided great support to us in order to get used to the site management software. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for affordable yet polished and professional website design.

Landon Blackhall

Hey Josh, just want to thank you. I was told about how good you were at your online marketing, but now that I have seen it first hand I can see why you have received so many accolades.
Thanks so much for the help you have given me with Beachmere and also with opening our second clinic. I wouldn’t be able to do it without you. Thanks again.

Dr Elwynn Heah


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