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Personalised Social Media Graphic Template

Personalised Social Media Graphic Template


Our Branded Social Media Template is a simple and user-friendly Canva thread, unique to your business, that keeps all of the visual elements of your company’s social media platforms in one place, to ensure that the look and feel of your social platforms are consistent and on-brand!

Our dedicated Social Media team will develop a thread of designs, tailored to your specific business’ branding with specific; typefaces, colorways, brand imagery & logo. They will select a few quotes that are specific to your business and brand messaging to lay the groundwork for producing more quote graphics in the future.

A link to the editable document will be emailed to your nominated address and a Canva-Pro account is not required.

For detailed training on how to use Canva with our dedicated Social Media team, please feel free to enquire via email or phone to organise a one-on-one training session.