Things You Might Not Know You Can Do With WordPress

by | Jul 15, 2022 | News

Things You Might Not Know You Can Do With WordPress

We can all agree that WordPress is the perfect platform for running a blog, online store, or business website. However, due to its open architecture, this platform is more than just a Content Management System, so many developers and site owners take it to a new level.

7 Things You Can Do With WordPress

Here are a few alternative uses of WordPress.

1. Educational Tool

You can transform your WordPress site into an educational platform where you can help your audience learn more about your business or the products/services you offer. It is an excellent option for educating new employees or training new workers as well.

2. Powerful Management Tool

If you are looking for a comprehensive management tool to help you oversee projects, Airtable, Trello, and Wrike aren’t the only solutions. WordPress can provide you with an ideal alternative that can blend into your current website or blog.

You can use SP Project and Document Manager, a project management plugin that works with WordPress Multisite and is suitable for multiple departments and teams.

3. Social Networking

Did you know that you can turn your WordPress site into a private social network? It could be an excellent opportunity to reach a niche audience or a specific group of people to promote your products or services. Adding a few extra features and controls for accounts and user groups allows you to use WordPress as a platform for user-generated and community-focused content.

4. Forum

Whatever type of website you have, you can now turn it into a forum for organising and moderating user-submitted content. ForumEngine is an excellent tool that will allow you to turn your personal or commercial site into a forum app where you can communicate with your audience. Besides ForumEngine, you can also use bbPress.

5. Coupon Site

Coupon websites are an excellent way to generate affiliate commissions and drive more visitors to your site. Based on the web host you use, you may consider various themes and plugins, but one of the best is Clipper which allows you to integrate coupon management systems at an advanced level.

6. Problem Tracking Tool

If you want to make great use of the WordPress website builder and its functionality, you can use the Quality Control theme and turn your site into a quality control tool. The theme has an integrated ticket system that filters information based on status, priority, or milestone.

7. Security

If you are running a new website or blog, security is a vital concern. Due to the constant threat of cyber attacks, it is essential to focus on security. Besides scanning your site regularly, you can download additional plugins such as Better WP Security or WordPress All-in-One Security to protect login, registration, and file database information.

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